Hornby Zeller Associates, Inc. (HZA) is an evaluation, research and consulting firm which uses rigorous analysis to answer questions posed by government and non-profit agencies. Its added value is represented by high standards, hard work, and an intensive focus on customer wants. HZA’s diverse staff of 40 combine people with advanced degrees in social work, public administration, public health, education and law with others trained in computer technology and applied mathematics. For each client engagement HZA forms a cross-disciplinary team that best meets the project’s needs.

Underlying the qualities that have made the firm successful is its focus on improving government response to vulnerable members of society: families in the child welfare system; youth and adults addicted to alcohol and drugs; people with mental illness; new parents who need support raising their infants; adults with chronic health conditions. HZA’s added value is to exceed client expectations. The means either offering innovative additions to our products and services which the customer has not requested or responding to supplemental requests at no additional cost.