Cost Benefit Evaluation of Alternatives to Incarceration Services for Youth

      HZA performed a cost benefit study of alternatives to incarceration for the Delaware juvenile justice system. HZA’s evaluation of Delaware’s Alternatives to Incarceration program permitted, for the first time in that state, tracking of youth from the juvenile justice system into the adult correctional system. HZA created the concept of the “cost of success” to measure simultaneously the effectiveness and efficiency of individual contract providers. The cost of success derives a single figure for each program, representing the total costs for all clients served divided by the number of clients who succeeded in meeting the program’s objectives, i.e., avoiding recidivism. Unlike unit or average costs, the cost of success is heavily influenced by the rate of success of the program’s clients. This analysis permitted the state to determine which providers were cost effective with which types of clients.

      Opioid Gap Needs Assessment

      In 2017, HZA was contracted by the Delaware Department of Justice to inventory the deficiencies in prescription opioid and heroin addiction treatment in the state. For this assessment, HZA inventoried Delaware's current treatment network for individuals with prescription opioid and heroin addiction; assessed deficiencies in the existing treatment network both in the community and in correctional institutions; and provided the State with prioritized recommendations for correcting the identified deficiencies.

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