Hotline Training

      Over 250 people staff the Florida Abuse Hotline which covers both child and adult abuse calls. For six years HZA conducted all the pre-service and in-service training. The training was developed for two groups: staff from the Call Center and staff from the Crime Intelligence Unit. Four categories of training were delivered: 1) pre-service training; 2) in-service training; 3) emergent need training and development; and 4) supervisory management and leadership training. Call Center training was nine weeks long (seven weeks of classroom and two weeks of practicum monitored by HZA trainers) and included intensive policy and computer-based training. All trainees needed to pass a proficiency test before they were granted employment.

      Quality Assurance Services for the Abuse Hotline

      HZA assisted in the design of a quality assurance system and analyzed the data collected by on-site reviewers. The system measured the thoroughness of the interviews call takers conducted, the professionalism they displayed and the accuracy of their decisions as to whether to accept the calls for investigation. HZA produced quarterly summaries of the data, as well as an annual report outlining where improvement was needed.

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