Early Childhood and Family Support

      HZA has been evaluating home visitation programs for more than a decade. These programs generally focus on young parents, often with their first children. Most of the work is done with the parents, but measurement of their effectiveness requires examining the development and progress of their children. Associated areas are child abuse prevention and family support programs both of which HZA evaluates and consults on program management.

      State Advisory Group Training

      HZA staff provided State Advisory Group Training throughout the country in conjunction with the Development Services Group. New members were trained on the history of juvenile justice, the Four Core Components of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act, roles and responsibilities of State Advisory Group Members, federal funding streams, compliance monitoring and making an impact on the juvenile justice system. In addition, HZA provided Disproportionate Minority Contact Community (DMC) and Strategic Planning Training. This training focused on process evaluation requirements for the Disproportionate Minority Contact Community and Strategic Planning initiative for state and local DMC governing committees to develop a viable strategic plan and engage juvenile and community stakeholders.

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