Child Welfare Division Workload Study

      HZA conducted a workload study to provide an empirically valid basis for allocating reasonable workloads among case workers to assure adequate time is available to achieve positive outcomes for children and families. HZA’s approach defined not just the time actually spent on cases, but the time required to handle each type of case in accordance with the requirements specified in policy. The study also measured the time caseworkers have to spend on case-specific work. A follow-up study was conducted several years later to take into account the impact of newly implemented policy guidelines with an automated tool provided at the conclusion for local offices to use on an ongoing basis to measure resource need.

      New York State Office of Mental Health, Random Moment Time Study

      In 2017, HZA was hired by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) to administer a random moment time study (RMTS) to the state’s private psychosocial rehabilitation providers. HZA is carrying out this study using its Automated Random Moment Analysis & Reporting System (ARMARS), a web-based tool which is used to assist state and local agencies in their federal claiming of administrative costs, to allocate federal reimbursement to private providers and to develop reimbursement rates for service providers. Results from the RMTS will be applied to calculate the proportion of time staff spend on four categories of activities. • Billable services, regardless of the payer; • Administrative activities, i.e., non-billable but fundable activities such as case management; • General administration, e.g., training and general staff meetings; and • Non-work, such as when staff are on leave.

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