Workload Study

      HZA conducted a statewide workload study in recent years as a follow-up to an earlier one the firm had performed to reflect changes in policy and practice. The study involved multiple social services programs, including child and adult services, public and medical assistance, food stamps and employment services. HZA produced a web-based time study tool which was used to record all case specific activities performed in a prescribed period for a sample of cases in order to determine the amount of time it took to complete each activity. Counting only the cases that met a policy standard such as monthly visits to children in foster care, this part of the study showed how much time a case required if it were to be handled in accordance with policy requirements. The other major data collection activity involved a random moment survey which measured the amount of time caseworkers had available to spend on case specific activities. Together these two pieces of information revealed how many cases of which types workers could reasonably be expected to handle.

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