Washington Foster Care Rate Redesign Project

      In 2012, HZA was retained by the Washington Attorney General’s Office to provide expert witness services in the matter of rate setting for FPAWS v. Dreyfus, et al. litigation. HZA’s written report examines how the state’s initial foster parent rate setting methodology was created and assesses the degree to which the system covers all reimbursable costs. In addition, the report examines the methods used by various external groups to define appropriate rates of payment for foster parents. HZA is supporting the report with expert testimony. In 2000, HZA developed a system for setting foster care rates for children in foster care who exhibited above average needs. The system focuses on the needs of the child, providing additional reimbursement when foster parents agree to spend extra time or money to address those needs. About a year after implementing the system, the agency asked HZA to develop a similar system for the Voluntary Placement Program, which served developmentally disabled children who cannot live at home. The two systems were coordinated, with the basic and first level of additional need and payment being identical, because the child welfare and developmental disability units of the agency often used the same homes.

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