Child Welfare Continuous Quailty Improvement

Pennsylvania Office of Children Youth and Families
Quality Service Reviews

For many years until the present, HZA assists with implementing quality service reviews. As members of the Commonwealth’s Program Improvement Plan committee, HZA staff participate in the design of the review tools which have been used for ongoing county-specific Quality Service Reviews. HZA has developed automated processes for analyzing the quantitative findings and reviews the results of interviews and focus groups to produce the final reports and help counties understand their strengths and areas for improvement.


Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services
Service Quality and Practice Improvement Unit

From July 2009 to the present, HZA has been operating the Service Quality and Practice Improvement Unit, a private-public partnership located within the state agency. The unit is responsible for conducting case reviews around the state using a modified version of the federal Child and Family Services Review tool. It produces reports for each of Arkansas’ ten areas and performs activities in conjunction with the periodic Child and Family Services Reviews.


Florida Department of Children and Families
Quality Assurance Services for the Abuse Hotline

HZA assisted in the design of a quality assurance system and analyzed the data collected by on-site reviewers. The system measured the thoroughness of the interviews call takers conducted, the professionalism they displayed and the accuracy of their decisions as to whether to accept the calls for investigation. HZA produced quarterly summaries of the data, as well as an annual report outlining where improvement was needed.


New Jersey Department of Children and Families
Qualitative Services Review

In preparation for the State’s first Child and Family Services Review (CFSR), HZA developed a tool and process to determine whether cases were being handled in a manner professionals would agree constituted quality casework. The findings were included in the statewide assessment. HZA later modified the tool for use in Nevada for its first CFSR.


Public Health


Public health research encompasses biostatistics, epidemiology, surveillance, and health policy as well as specific programs to prevent disease and promote health. HZA’s work includes creating and maintaining the statewide epidemiological profile for substance abuse and mental health in Maine, evaluating targeted programs such as medication assisted treatment for drug addiction, and evaluating public health interventions designed to increase access to primary care, promote physical activity and healthy eating and prevent diabetes. Prevention programs are notoriously difficult, because they almost necessarily involve predicting what would have happened if the program had not been in place. HZA has pursued both of the widely accepted solutions to that problem. The first is to measure changes in factors which have been shown to be associated with the occurrence or non-occurrence of a negative event, while the second is to measure broad population changes. Both strategies are reflected among the projects below. In addition to state agencies, HZA has worked with community based non-profit organizations and health systems to develop and evaluate these public health interventions.