Early Childhood & Family Support Staff Development & Training

West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Protective Factors

In 2015, HZA staff developed and delivered training on the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) study and its implications for service delivery. HZA has also developed and delivered training on Protective Factors and the statewide results of the surveys administered throughout West Virginia. The ACES training has been recorded and delivered as a webinar.


Prevent Child Abuse Iowa
Certification for Family Support Workers

Iowa’s Home Visiting program is seeking to improve its work through the development and implementation of standards and training for a certification process for advanced home visiting professionals. The certification will focus specifically on child abuse prevention and, in assisting Prevent Child Abuse Iowa in developing those standards, HZA is identifying certification processes for child abuse prevention used elsewhere, creating a standard process for family support workers to become certified and developing an implementation plan for the certification process. To determine the core competency areas for inclusion in the process, HZA will explore the education, experience and core areas of expertise the State should require for certification; the subject matter content for each area of expertise; and how candidates should achieve expertise in each area. The development work will be finalized in 2014.