Public Health Data Analytics

Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Maine State Epidemiological Workgroup

In 2010, Maine received a three-year State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) Grant from SAMHSA to support the continued ability of the agency to engage in data-driven decision-making. HZA was contracted to support all aspects of the grant, as well as produce two critical items: the Statewide Epidemiological Profile and eight Community Epidemiological Profiles. The profiles entailed analyzing data from multiple sources that indicated the prevalence of substance use, the consequences of substance use, factors that contribute to use, the relationship between mental health and substance use and information on publicly funded substance abuse treatment. In accordance with the grant requirements, HZA also prepared a data dissemination plan, data gap plan and targeted policy briefs and fact sheets. Working with members of the SEOW, HZA engages in ad hoc studies such as exploring data from the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey or conducting focus groups with minority culture populations.