Public Health Evaluation

Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Evaluation of Prescription Monitoring Program

Prescription Monitoring Programs (PMP) are statewide electronic databases that contain data on dispensed prescriptions for controlled substances. PMPs are used by physicians to identify possible drug interactions when prescribing medications, to identify possible prescription drug diversion or abuse such as when a patient is receiving prescriptions from several doctors, and to refer patients to substance abuse treatment when appropriate. In 2013 HZA became the evaluator of Maine’s grant from SAMHSA to link Maine’s PMP data with those of eight other states (including Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont and Washington), as well as to link PMP data with the electronic health records of over 75% of Mainers through Maine’s Health Info Net. A goal of the project is to provide a more complete patient history by linking the PMP directly to electronic health records and creating interoperability with other states. HZA has conducted an on-line survey of all registered PMP users (4,127 medical professionals); nearly one-third responded to discuss their use of the system and areas for improvement.


MaineGeneral Medical Center
Evaluation of Up and Running Diabetes Prevention Project

HZA conducted a process evaluation of the implementation of the evidence-based National Diabetes Prevention Program in several settings in central Maine. MaineGeneral Medical Center sponsored the program “Up and Running” in partnership with community based organizations. The evaluation described the process employed to link adults with pre-diabetes and risk factors for diabetes to the prevention course. The formative aspect of the evaluation examined the processes for establishing project sites, engaging lifestyle coaches, and implementing the program according to fidelity measures. The summative aspect examined the impact of the program based on measurable changes in risk factors (weight and physical activity) and changes in emotional well-being.


Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Research and Data Analysis Services Provided by Organizations

From 2014 to 2019 HZA has pre-qualified with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to bid on projects in the areas of public health research and development and/or analysis of data or other information and materials. HZA is eligible to provide the department with technical assistance and expertise to generate the statistics needed to complete the requirements for grant applications, to inform the legislature and the public of the emerging and existing public health concerns, to tailor new intervention and prevention programs as well as evaluate the currently existing programs, and to generate knowledge to further improve the public’s health.


HealthReach Network
Maine Pediatric Rapid Evaluation Program (PREP)

In 2006, HZA was contracted by the HealthReach Network to conduct an evaluation of the Pediatric Rapid Evaluation Program (PREP). PREP represents a collaboration between the MaineGeneral Medical Center and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to improve the health and mental health status of children in Maine’s foster care system in targeted communities. The purpose of the evaluation was threefold: to determine whether PREP services had a positive impact on the children and youth who received them; to project service needs based on the profiles of children in foster care; and to assess what additional information or processes would be needed to perform a more thorough evaluation. The study also involved a needs projection component for those not receiving PREP.


Greater Somerset Public Health Collaborative (GSPHC)
Evaluation Plan

HZA worked with the Greater Somerset Public Health Collaborative, a community-based organization in central Maine, to develop an evaluation plan for all of its programs. GSPHC provides disease prevention and health promotion services in the areas of physical activity, healthy eating, tobacco use and substance abuse. The evaluation plan includes indicators for each of the program areas, as well as indicators for the overall collaborative.


Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF)
Evaluation of Integration Initiative

In 2006, HZA evaluated the visioning phase of the Foundation’s initiative to sponsor projects which would integrate physical and mental health services. The second purpose was to design a global evaluation plan that could be applied to all the funded initiatives. The primary stakeholders were community mental health agencies, associations of physicians and other medical professionals, public agencies and hospitals.


HZA found that MeHAF’s Integration Initiative achieved what it intended by obtaining agreement among a diverse group of stakeholders about where the system should go and the broad goals and objectives involved in getting there. The planning effort was less successful. While some concrete steps to be taken were identified, they did not form a complete strategy or provide an adequate basis for determining what the foundation should fund.