Data Analytics

HZA employs sophisticated techniques for analyzing complex administrative datasets for both process, outcome and cost benefit analyses.  These projects include both long-term efforts such as those in Arkansas and Pennsylvania and shorter term evaluations of programs and agencies.  In virtually all cases, the raw data come from administrative datasets.

In addition, HZA has created a user tool called the Automated Report Framework (ARF) which can be useful to anyone who does web or database programming, or who wants to be able to deploy reports easily to users based on database queries.  ARF is a web based tool that turns SQL database queries into easy-to-read web pages with no extra programming required. The tool includes support to specify SQL query input values such as start and end dates or any other parameters needed. 

Some examples of how this tool is being used include displaying percentage of surveys completed, showing to-do lists that must be completed in the next few days, and listing possible data entry errors by examining data for certain patterns. The system is modularized and can be added as a component onto most existing websites with minimal effort.